1. UTAR Scholarship Award Presentation Ceremony for June 2023 Intake (posted April 2024)
  2. UTAR x YTL Foundation Info-Session (posted March 2024)
  3. Two UTAR students awarded Yayasan Mr. D.I.Y Scholarship (posted March 2024)
  4. Twenty-Seven Students received UTAR-JinBodhi Bursary (posted February 2024)
  5. Act of kindness brings sound to student's ears (posted February 2024)
  6. Presentation of Plaque of Appreciation to Bodhi Meditation Charity Foundation (posted January 2024)
  7. Zchwantech celebrates academic excellence of future leaders with Scholarship Award Ceremony (posted January 2024)
  8. Presentation of Plaque of Appreciation [UTAR x BMCF] (posted December 2023)
  9. "The Power of Charity" Charity Event, organized by Bodhi Meditation Charity Foundation (posted December 2023)
  10. UTAR Scholarships Award Presentation Ceremony (October 2023 intake) (posted December 2023)
  11. Yayasan Prihatin Terengganu Student Loan (posted December 2023)
  12. Sunway Healthcare and UTAR Forge Partnership to Empower Nursing Students with Sponsorship and Career Opportunities (posted October 2023)
  13. UTAR JinBodhi Bursary Deed of Donation Signing Ceremony 2023 (posted October 2023)
  14. UTAR Scholarship Award Presentation Ceremony for June 2023 (posted August 2023)
  15. Zchwantech signs agreements to provide scholarships to deserving UTAR students (posted July 2023)
  16. Scholarships available for deserving students  (posted July 2023)
  17. FEGT students receive scholarships from Intel (posted July 2023)
  18. Five students receive scholarships from Rotary Club of Pudu (posted June 2023)
  19. 7 UTAR Students (MSEF SIYUAN Scholarship recipients) contribute in volunteering works organized by MSEF Foundation (posted June 2023)
  20. UTAR Scholarships Ceremony for January 2023 Intake (posted March 2023)
  21. H.E Ambassador Ouyang Yujing presents scholarships to UTAR students (posted February 2023)
  22. UTAR and Dong Zong work together to nurture teachers for CIS (posted December 2022)
  23. MSEF funds UTAR in aid of financially-disadvantaged students (posted November 2022)
  24. UTAR celebrates scholarship recipients of October 2022 Intake (posted November 2022)
  25. UTAR celebrates its scholarship recipients (posted August 2022)
  26. MDC Excellence Scholarship Award presented to commendable students (posted June 2022)
  27. BMMB makes another donation to UTAR students (posted June 2022)
  28. FAM student selected as a recipient of KPMG Young Star Sponsorship Programme (posted June 2022)
  29. Donation by Thiam Lai Yean Foundation for the UTAR- Lim Yong Keat Student Loan (posted March 2022)
  30. 152 students received UTAR Scholarship (posted March 2022) 
  31. Eight students receive UTAR-JinBodhi Bursary (posted February 2022) 
  32. UTAR students awarded OSK Foundation Scholarship Award 2021 (posted January 2022) 
  33. MSEF “SIYUAN Scholarship” helps students pursue their studies (posted December 2021)

Types of Scholarships and Financial Aid