Internal Study Loans

UTAR Student Loan Funds

A hope for your educational goals to come true!
More than 20 loan funds have been set up.

Thank you to the generosity of a corporate, organization, foundation and individual to help UTAR Students who need financial assistance to pursue their educational goals.

   -  UTAR - Avia Foundation Student Loan                                                         - UTAR - Tan Sri Dato' Danny Tan Chee Sing Student Loan
   -  UTAR - Chang Ming Thien Foundation Student Loan                                   - UTAR - Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Teh Hong Piow Student Loan                    
   -  UTAR - Chuah Wan Seng Student Loan                                                       - UTAR - Tan Sri Dato' Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun Student Loan
   -  UTAR - Dato' Ng Song Choon Student Loan                                                 - UTAR - Tan Sri Lau Ban Tin Student Loan
   -  UTAR - Dijaya Corporation Berhad Student Loan                                         - UTAR - Toh Kim Eng Student Loan
   -  Dr Loke and Madam Yong Poo Mui Student Loan                                        - UTAR - Yeong May Wah Memorial Student Loan
   -  UTAR - Kuok Foundation Student Loan                                                        - UTAR - YS Chong Student Loan
   -  UTAR - Lee Foundation Student Loan                                                          - Little Rain Trust Emergency Financial Aid
   -  UTAR - Lim Yong Keat Student Loan Fund                                                   - UTAR - Madam Ooi Guat Hua Student Bridging Loan
   -  UTAR - Peng Shih Lin Student Loan                                                             - UTAR - Tan Sri Dato Kam Woon Wah Student Bridging Loan 
   -  UTAR - Sunrise Student Loan                                                                      
   -  UTAR Student Loan                                                                                     

Types of Scholarships and Financial Aid