A step ahead towards achieving your dreams! 

Vision, Mission & Education Goal

  • To provide information and resources to increase student awareness of the scholarship /financial aid search and application process. 
  • To comply with the University’s mission “by the people, for the people” in having a positive impact on individuals’ lives by providing financial support to students in need. 
  • To collaborate with faculties, staff, sponsors and donors to identify and support potential students in financial difficulty. 
  • To value the connections and bonds with students, sponsors and donors as individual or group by demonstrating operational efficiency.

UTAR President
Ir. Prof. Dato' Dr. Ewe Hong Tat

“Everyone has the right to quality education and the emphasis on providing that access increases with the rapid technological changes that are occurring. In fact, financial aid is more than just helping deserving and underprivileged students to obtain the education they need. Similar to what is outlined by the United Nations, under the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, UTAR is doing what it can to achieve equality in education.”