The Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan offers various scholarship programmes to encourage Malaysian students to undertake either Undergraduate or Postgraduate studies in Taiwan. 

Scholarship Details

Types of Scholarship:  
MOE Taiwan ScholarshipMOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship                                                                       Taiwan ICDF Scholarship     

Level of Study:

Undergraduate and Prograduate Programme

Mandarin CoursesPostgraduate Programme

Application Timeline:   

Present - 30 April 2024


Scholarship Eligibility:   

- Malaysian citizen with at least STPM,
  UEC, accredited Diploma, A-Level,
  Foundation, Matriculation programme or
  any other equivalent academic qualifications
  with an excellent academic record, and
  be of good moral character. 

- Applicants must apply directly to
university/college for admission within
application deadline. Each university/college
its own application deadline.

  - This programme is offered
    for the Mandarin Language
    Learner to study at any
    university-affiliated language
    center in Taiwan.

- This scholarship programme
   supports Malaysian
   Students to pursue
   a specified
   Master or Doctoral Degree
   programmes in 19 Partner       Universities of ICDF starting
   from September 2024.
   There is a total of 28 study
   programmes available for
   the scholarship application.

Scholarship Coverage :   

- The MOE will pay up to NTD40,000
semester for each recipient's
   approved tuition 
   miscellaneous expenses. If there
a total amount of NTD40,000, the
amount must be paid to the     
   university/college b
y the student.  The
   Miscellaneous expenses d
o not include any
   of the following: administration 
fees, thesis                        supervision fees, insurance premiums,               accommodation or internet access. 

- The MOE provides each recipient undertaking
   university undergraduate studies a month
   stipend of NTD15,000; it provides each
   recipient undertaking a Master's Degree or
   Doctorate studies a monthly stipend of

  - The recipient will be
    awarded a fixed monthly
    stipend of NTD25,000
    (approx. RM3,600). The
    duration of the scholarship is
    3 months or 6 months,
    starting from 1 September

   - The Taiwan ICDF provides
     each scholarship recipient
     with a full scholarship,
     including return airfare,
     housing, tuition and credit
     fees, insurance, textbook
     costs and a monthly

For more details: Please visit the official website and download poster.